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Piano Lessons in Utah County by Yamaha Music School

The piano can be one of the most fulfilling instruments to learn to play. Not only is it easier to learn to play the piano than many other instruments—especially for small fingers—but it is also a diverse, lifelong instrument.

Yamaha Music School of Utah County offers piano lessons for all ages and abilities. Whether you or your child is sitting down at a piano for the first time or polishing your skills or performance ability, our piano teachers can help.

At Yamaha Music School, we use a proven curriculum designed by Yamaha, a world-renowned instrument leader and largest piano manufacturing company in the world. Yamaha is known for their quality, thoughtfulness, and longevity—and these values hold true in their piano lesson curriculum. When you learn to play piano at Yamaha Music School, you’re learning for a lifetime.

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Private & Group Piano Lessons

Everybody learns differently and learning to play the piano is no different. Some people feel more comfortable or learn better in groups while others prefer to learn to play the piano privately. That’s why our piano teachers offer both private piano lessons and group piano lessons.

Group piano lessons are a great option for beginning or intermediate students looking for a welcoming, enriching introduction to playing the piano. Group piano lessons are also a great option for individuals looking to become more comfortable playing with and around others. Group piano lessons also offer longer lessons for a more affordable price.

Private piano lessons are a good option for those who prefer to learn privately, have more experience playing the piano, or who are looking to learn specific skills or musical styles.

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Would you like to learn more about our piano teachers or curriculum? Schedule an introductory piano lesson or meet & greet today.

Private Piano Lessons

Our private piano teachers customize your learning experience to perfectly fit your current skills and goals. Your teacher will use Yamaha’s proven piano lesson curriculum as a base to refine your existing piano skills, instill habits of technique and best-practices, and build upon that base with style and expression.

You will experience exercises to improve your finger strength and dexterity, ear training exercises to improve your musical base and learning and will play a variety of music styles that match your needs and goals for learning to play the piano.

Group Piano Lessons

Group piano lessons are 60 minutes long and are available for ages 6-12 and 13-adult. These lessons are available at multiple levels. Beginning group piano lessons introduce you to piano playing techniques and best practices, reading music, ear training, finger exercises, and—of course—learning to play songs in multiple popular music styles.

Intermediate or experienced group lessons are a great fit for individuals who have played before and are looking to improve and refine their skills, experience playing in a group environment, and to experience playing in multiple styles.

About Our Piano Lesson Curriculum

Yamaha Music School uses a proven curriculum designed by world-renowned piano manufacturer, Yamaha. This curriculum focuses on providing a strong base of knowledge with techniques and form. Upon that base, your piano teacher will help you find and express your own voice.

  • Build a solid foundation. Without proper form and technique, your piano playing skills will quickly plateau. However, with the right foundation, you’ll find you’ll be able to continually upgrade your skills and abilities to eventually be able to play anything. Even though we’re foundation-focused, we keep it fun! We teach the right concepts at the right time in your musical development to avoid overwhelming or discouraging our students.
  • Enjoy your favorite styles. We know that learning to play the piano isn’t just about the technique—it’s about being able to play some of your favorite music. We know you’ll enjoy learning to play the piano more when you play your favorite musical styles, which is why we’re sure to include them in your lessons.
  • Find your voice. Learning techniques and form is one thing but learning to find and express your own voice brings magic to learning to play the piano.
  • Low pressure, creative environment. Learning an instrument should be enjoyable. Our piano teachers are AMAZING and keep the environment low-pressure and fun, so you’ll always be excited to come to class and practice your instrument at home. Our goal is to inspire the gift of music while we teach.
  • Make music together. We believe that being able to play in a group is an important part of learning to play the piano. It helps build your confidence, creativity, and more. That is why we offer group piano lessons as well as weekly jam sessions.

About Our Utah County Location

Yamaha Music School in Spanish Fork is proud to offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, and drum lessons to our neighbors in Utah County. We are proud to serve Spanish Fork, Springville, Benjamin, Payson, Provo, Orem, and the surrounding areas.

This music school is brand new with large, open classrooms equipped with the latest music education technology. Our space also includes comfortable practice rooms and an elegant recital space.

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*Open Learning Hour

All Ages, Any Instrument

60 Minutes


*Friday Night Jam Session

All Ages, Any Instrument

60 Minutes


*Play in a Band Group Class

*In addition to group classes or private lessons, students have additional opportunities to further their music education and experience through our weekly Open Learning Hour or Friday Night Jam Session. Both are free of charge to current students and allow students to learn from other Yamaha music instructors and play in a group band setting. Not only is it fun, but it's also a great chance to meet new friends, develop performance skills, and grow as a musician.

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