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Yamaha Music School was excited to be able to participate in a segment with Fox 13 this summer. The segment celebrated the grand opening of the music school in July 2019.

The Fox 13 news team came out to Yamaha Music School. They interviewed teacher Dave Wilbur (of Dave Wilbur Rock Labs) and some of the music students about the music learning experience. The also enjoyed a mini rock concert by students, including the song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses.

Yamaha Music School Grand Opening

The Fox 13 segment was part of the Grand Opening of Yamaha Music School in Spanish Fork. This school is part of the International Yamaha Music School Education System. They offer music lessons for a variety of instruments and to all ages and abilities.

Some of the music lessons offered at Yamaha Music School in Spanish Fork are piano lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, drum lessons, ukulele lessons, and keyboard lessons. Additional classes are expected to be offered as the school continues to grow.

As a music lesson mecca in Utah, Utah County was the obvious choice for offering a music school. The owners knew that families in Utah County are passionate about providing their children with well-rounded opportunities to grow and develop. Music is also a large part of the culture in Utah County. Yamaha Music School aims to provide high-quality instruction that inspires a strong musical foundation while cultivating creativity and a genuine love for playing the instrument.

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About the Yamaha Music School Curriculum

This program was founded in the mid-1950s in Japan under the direction of Mr. Gen’ichi Kawakami, the president of Nippon-Gakki Company, Ltd. (now called Yamaha Corporation). He believed it was Yamaha’s duty not only to produce the finest instruments in the world but to also teach people to play them.

The teachers at Yamaha Music School use proven Yamaha curriculum to teach their students. This includes state-of-the-art technology to maximize skills and experience. The Yamaha Music School curriculum is based on teaching students the right foundational skills at the right times. We believe in building a strong foundation of musical excellence, but doing so in a way that promotes joy, creativity, and a lifelong love for the instrument.

Music lessons sometimes get a bad rap for tedium or for parents having to bribe or persuade their children to participate or practice. At Yamaha Music School, we believe that through creative teaching methods and proven curriculum, we can instill a passion and love for the instrument that transcends these challenges and promotes creativity.

Below is a review from one parent who uses Yamaha Music School for her child’s piano lessons.

“Mitch and I considered at-home piano lessons and other music schools closer to our house, but chose Yamaha because of their ‘whole child’ approach to music education. In short, we were impressed: the program included ear training, solfege singing, and rhythm training through movement, in addition to piano instruction. We loved how the group setting and parent participation were integral to the early curriculum. But what we found most compelling was the focus on process over product. When I was a child, I was taught ‘when you see this, you do that.’ But for young, preliterate children, the idea of ‘If you can sing it, you can play it’ made a lot more sense to us.” – Jeanne Hayes

Former International Yamaha Music School students include Keiko Matsui, internationally renowned jazz composer and pianist; Jennifer Lin, as featured on Oprah Winfrey and international news networks; Kevin Noe, recipient of the Maurice Abravanel fellowship; and Paul Romero, concert pianist and composer.

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